Dinosaurs Had Hollow Neck Bones, Researchers Revealed

DinosaursAs per a new theory put forth by a team of UK researchers, the mystery that how some dinosaurs have such long necks is solved. The researchers reveal that the long necked dinosaurs had hollow neck bones and also had a series of evolutionary traits which are not present in the modern time animals.

The fossils of sauropods, one of the species of long necked dinosaurs, were examined by the researchers, in which, they found numerous distinct traits that supported their long necks.

Michael Taylor, lead researcher of the theory and also a vertebrate paleontologist at the University of Bristol in England, said, "In our feeble, modern world, we're used to thinking of elephants as big, but sauropods reached ten times the size elephants do. They were the size of walking whales".

The researchers are of the view that the long necks in these species were for some evolutionary purpose which includes increased browsing range and mate attraction. They also mentioned in their theory that muscles, tendons and ligaments were positioned around their spines in such a way that it provided them a huge support for maximizing their influence.