Skin from Arm May Help Rebuilding Penis

A 40-year-old Edinburgh resident, Mohammed Abad will have a fully functional penis after three operations and small portion of skin extracted from his arm. Mohammed, called as Mo, had an accident when he was just
6-years-old and was playing with his friends in Huddersfield in 1978. During that game, he was accidentally dragged by a car for around 600 ft distance on the road in which he lost his penis.

At that time, doctors told his parents that he won't be able to survive more than 12 hours but he miraculously survived and then doctors built a tube using his skin from his legs for making new penis which will help him urinate but with no sexual function and child bearing powers. He was unaware of his inability to have kids until he himself found it out. So after getting married two years back, he decided to do something about it and with the help of Channel 4's show Embarrassing Bodies, he got in touch with experts.

He was told to undergo three operations for a successful fully functional penis. Recently, he had his first 11-hour operation, in which the doctors discovered a testicle that got pushed inside in his accident. The doctors will check if the testicle can still produce sperms or not.