Efforts of Restoration of Corals are Done to Safeguard the Ecological Balance

coral-speciesJamaica's north coast is facing an ecological crisis because of declining number of coral species and coral growth.

The warm waters of the ocean have faded the coral out which led to the ecological decline where only snails and worms swim through the skeleton of corals. These water bodies lost the presence of water species like urchins and plant-eating reef fish.

The conservationists are now trying their hard to turn the things around like always by planting fast growing coral species. Even though the strategy might be effective or can remain ineffective but inaction is not at all an option to the conservationists. They believe that the problem is simply too vast and the process of restoration is not looking into the underlying forces that lead to its collapse.

As per the data revealed by International Union for Conservation of Nature, coverage of coral on Caribbean reefs has declined from 50% to 8% since 1970's. Advocates are of the view that the efforts of restoration of reef would never be able to bring back the glory that was present 50 years ago, but will definitely be able to preserve some of its beauty.