Women’s Brain Works More Efficiently than Men’s, Says Research

Women-BrainA new research conducted by the University of California has suggested that despite having a smaller brain in comparison to men, women's brain is capable of working more efficiently than that of men's.

The neuroscientists looked into the subject and concluded the results after an intense research over the same. They asserted that women's brain is some eight percent smaller than men's but they are able to reach comparative intelligence by utilizing lesser energy and fewer brain cells.

In many cases, women have proved to give better results than men. The research was focused on a part of brain called hippocampus, which is significant in exhibiting memory functions and emotions. In men, as much the size of this part was bigger as intelligent they were.

But there were no such trends in women. Bigger size of hippocampus was not the indicator of better intelligence; in fact, in some cases women with smaller hippocampus were better performers. The findings were based on psychological tests conducted on 59 women and 45 men of ages between 18 and 27.

Talking about the smaller hippocampus possessed by women, Trevor Robbins, a Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at Cambridge University said, "The smaller size could represent more intense packing of nerve cells or more active signaling between them. Meaning they are operating more efficiently".