Best View of Comet PANSTARRS from Mar 12-18

CometExperts have revealed that comet PANSTARRS can be best viewed from March 12-18 when it appears low in the west after sunset. PANSTARRS will appear on Tuesday night nearly four degrees to the left of the thin crescent moon.

The comet will be in the brightness range of Spica, which will enable to see with naked eyes. Moreover, Experts have predicted that the comet can be as bright as a first-magnitude star.

However, binoculars will be required for clear view of the western horizon to locate the comet. Comets are best visible when they are closest to the sun.

Comet PANSTARRS can be viewed by the Outer Banks residents around sunset on Mar 21. Experts have said that PANSTARRS will be the brightest on March 10. Also, the comet will rise alongside with the new moon over the next few days and if the clouds stay away people can have a nice photography session.

Also, the second comet ISCO predicted by the experts to be bright enough to be visible broad daylight as it grazes the Sun at perihelion in November. However, they said predicting future comet is a little more than guessing work. There are concerns regarding Comet ISON's development as it grows closer to the sun.