World Glaucoma Day: Platform for Spreading Awareness against the Disease

GlaucomaMarch 12, marked the arrival of the World Glaucoma Day, internationally. The day acts as a platform in spreading the awareness among people from the disease and its effects. Glaucoma is regarded as the 'silent thief of sight' as it gradually causes the loss of sight as it reaches its advance stage.

It is considered as a severe and fatal disease by experts. As suggested by the experts, the early detection of the symptoms of the disease helps in preventing the irreversible blindness that can be caused by the disease.

This arise a need of immediate awareness of the disease among the people for its prevention. The fact that the disease had turned to be the second-leading cause of blindness in today's lifestyle is shocking. The disease generally appears to affect the people after the age of 40 years.

The reason as suggested by the experts can include the pre-existing sufferings from the diseases like diabetes and hypertension. These diseases can also include the normal concerns like thyroid disorders. These diseases are regarded as the soft targets by the disease.

The experts suggested that the early detection of the disease can be helpful in arresting the development or reducing its pace with the means of medical surgeries. The experts suggested that any person who was consuming steroid for a long time can also get affected by the disease.

The symptoms of the disease include poor night vision and frequent changes in prescription of eyeglass. This may also include the blurred vision, seeing rainbow colored haloes around the light.