EU Bans Sale of Cosmetics Tested on Animals

Tested-AnimalsThe European Union has banned the sales of cosmetics tested on animals. Regardless of the country, the products are tested in those that cannot be sold within the EU. European Union is the largest market for beauty products with 380 million consumers and sale of nearly 5 billion products every year.

Tonio Borg, the European commissioner for health and consumer policy, said this will surely set an example for responsible innovation in cosmetics in Europe. EU banned animal testing in the year 2009 for 27 countries, but the new ban means that products tested on animals anywhere in the world cannot be sold in the EU.

Cosmetics are tested on mice and rabbits in order to figure out safety of using those cosmetics on humans. The chemicals cause immense irritation to the skin of the animals and that is why referred as cruel.

"Europe's idea is to put more pressure on other parts of the world to end animal testing, but the science doesn't match that political timetable", said Colin Mackay, a spokesman for Cosmetics Europe, a trade association.

Mr. Mackay said this would result in Europe to not have access of new products as the safety of those products to use on humans cannot be ensured without carrying out suitable and adequate testing.