Three” Killer” Dolphins Escape in Ukraine

dolphinsAccording to the Reports from the Ukrainian port of Sevastopol, Three of five "killer" dolphins escaped in Ukraine. The dolphins evaded their handlers and expected to swum off to mate wild dolphins. Only two of the five trained dolphins came back to their base at Crimean port of Sevastopol.

The reports revealed that the team of five dolphins is being trained by the Ukrainian navy for military purposes. The dolphins were trained to detect mines in seabed and attack enemy divers.

However, the Ukrainian defense ministry has denied the reports of dolphins being trained for military proposes. Dolphins are being trained by navy all over the world for combat duties. The U. S. began to train dolphins as far back as 1960. The dolphins were trained to carry underwater cameras to detect objects. Moreover, the dolphins were taught to carry explosives in their head so as to plant in the enemy's ship.

The three Ukrainian dolphins were armed at the time they escaped. A former naval officer told that dolphins usually escape when they come across a female during mating season. However, they return within a week. They experienced these situations many times during Soviet days and it was common for dolphins to disappear in search of nookie.