65% Boost Recorded in Car Production Across UK

65% Boost Recorded in Car Production Across UKFigures revealing car production for January 2010 are expected to reveal a huge rise as compared to the number of January of 2009. The motor industry experts and chiefs have, however, already issued warnings saying that the coming year is set to be "extremely challenging".

With more and more automobile manufacturers pulling back their production due to lower demand, car manufacturing had managed to fall at the beginning of 2009, so the production for the next few months is all set to be slow, with gradual improvement.

In December 2009, car production hiked by 58.5%, compared with the figure for December 2008. This has been the biggest rise recorded since May 1976.

Commercial vehicle production had surged by 15.6% in December last year, the first monthly rise in 17 long months.

"Despite the close of the UK scheme next month, SMMT expects a modest recovery in 2010 output as economic growth, a competitive exchange rate and the introduction of innovative new models to UK plants help to lift manufacturing levels above those seen in 2009", said SMMT Chief Executive Paul Everitt.