Study Links Availability to Consumption of Soft Drinks by Children

soft-drinkA study has shed light on the climbing rates of soft drinks available for consumption at home. Schoolchildren have been having large amount of soft drinks because of they are readily available at home.

The study, conducted by the University of Sydney, discovered that 24% of the 8,058 kids surveyed were drinking an "alarming" five or more cups of soft drink per week.

They found that more than 25% of children belonging to lower socio-economic backgrounds reported high levels of soft drink consumption in comparison to 19% in high socio-economic backgrounds.

Another point that the study came across was that the children aged between 9 and 16 were almost five times more prone to be high consumers if soft drinks were readily available at home. This showed clear association between consumption and availability.

Study's lead author Lana Hebden cautioned that the children with high availability of soft drink at home and school can suffer many health problems.

According to her, "Parents need to consider what is stored in their cupboards or fridge and what their children have access to".

She also advised that the government should also impose a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks or even prohibit the sale of soft drinks from schools to reduce high consumption of soft drinks.