Chimps Show Great Team Work

ChimpsA recent research has shed light on how chimps show camaraderie towards each other. It has been claimed by researchers, led by author Alicia Melis, a behavioral scientist at Warwick Business School in the UK, that they are most likely to extend help towards each other, thereby showing how human cooperation has evolved.

"The study provides the first evidence that chimpanzees can pay attention to the partner's actions in a collaborative task, and shows they know their partner not only has to be there, but perform a specific role if they are to succeed", said the lead author.

Though it was known that they have an inclination towards each other, this research has tried to know how deep their mutual understanding goes while putting them through team-building tasks.

However, there were some significant individual differences noticed during the task. The research, involving 12 chimpanzees at the Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Kenya, made them go through a team task to see how they help each other to accomplish the task. The research has reinforced that primates are "true team players".

It's indeed fascinating to see how chimpanzees were able to pre-empt another's needs, thereby extending help achieve the given task.