Canberrans Warned about Death Cap Mushroom Season

Death-cap-mushroomDeath cap mushroom season is back, said Dr Paul Kelly, ACT Chief Health Officer. He has suggested Canberrans that they should not consume any wild mushrooms to avoid any health complication.

It is not at all easy to differentiate between normal mushroom and death cap mushroom. So, there are high chances that a person can consume dead cap mushroom thinking it as normal mushroom.

Kelly said that though it’s not easy to spot death cap mushrooms, they develop a cap which is present underneath the top of their mushroom. This cap makes them a bit different from other mushrooms.

"But when they're smaller they can easily be confused with other edible mushrooms and therefore our advice is to not pick mushrooms at all”, said Kelly. Kelly continues to share that in last 13 years, they have witnessed four critical cases with regard to death cap mushroom. Now, they do not want to witness any more fatalities.

Kelly said that death cap mushrooms normally grow in autumn season near oak trees. While giving its description, Kelly said that death cap mushrooms are quite silky smooth when they are fully-grown. It shall however, be noted that they can vary in colors like white to greenish-brown.