Government to Bring Down Drink-Drive Limit

Drink-driveThe Scottish government is looking forward to bring down drink-drive limit after a consultation had three-quarter of the people responding in favor of the law.

If the new law gets passed, the safe limit of alcohol consumption for drivers will come down to 50mg per 100 ml blood from 80mg per 100ml of blood. The cut in limits will have Scotland to be in line with other European countries including Spain, Germany and France.

The lower limits of alcohol would mean drivers reach their safe drinking limit after a pint of beer, one small 125ml glass of standard strength wine or one standard strength short measure of spirits.

The UK government will have talks with the police to bring the much needed change. Also, a lot has to be done to inform those who enter Scotland from England.

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill said 30 families on an average have to suffer the loss of their loved ones every year and 900 people have severe injuries because of someone who thinks it is fine to consume alcohol before getting behind the wheel and drive.

He added, "Lowering the drink-drive limit will help make Scotland's roads safer and save lives". The Scottish Government consultation sought 74% votes backing the reduction and 87% in favor of reducing the limit to 50mg.