Two New Species of Lizards Discovered

LizardsA new species of lizards has been discovered in a relatively uncharted region of Andes Mountains in the northeast part of the country.

In an era where the species are dubbed under various headings of endangered and threatened, this new discovery has been welcomed by zoologists. Statistics show that Earth gives shelter to approximately 8.8 million species. Registered species are only 1.9 billion.

The species were discovered in Peru. This finding is another feather in the hat of preservation of species diversity.

The authors of the study have fleshed out the details of the species found. The two lizards show vibrant patterns of green and brown. This helps them merge with their rainforest habitat. This is dubbed as a defense mechanism that prevents falling in the trap of predators and curious scientists.

The first lizard has been named Enyalioides azulae. The name has been given on its habitat, Cordillera Azul (Blue Mountain Range) National Park. The male is a brilliant green and is tied with beautiful black pattered designs. The female has misty red brown eyes.

Another one has been named as Enyalioides binzayedi. It has been discovered in the same river valley as that of azulae. It also possesses colorful patterns of black and green. Scientists are very happy with the new discovery and hope to work more in this field.