ESA Releases Most Detailed Map of Universe Ever Created

Big-BangAccording to images provided by Planck satellite of the European Space Agency, it has been revealed that the universe is 13.8 billion years old, which is 100 million years older than previously thought.

The images are said to provide some unanswered questions as well as will make scientists surprised for a number of revelations.

One of the other interesting things that have also been revealed through the images is that formation of the universe. It has been said that the universe was the size of subatomic size and then exploded to its current size.

Images are said to be the most accurate map of presenting oldest light in the universe. Scientists call the light as a form of afterglow which was left from the Big Bang. The light is quite old when to talk about its existence as it has travelled billions of years to reach on the Earth from the initial formation of the universe.

"The extraordinary quality of Planck's portrait of the infant universe allows us to peel back its layers to the very foundations, revealing that our blueprint of the cosmos is far from complete", said Jean-Jacques Dordain, positioned as the director general of the European Space Agency.