CQC Asks Trust to Provide Response within a Week

CQC Asks Trust to Provide Response within a WeekIn order to launch a huge renovation of its inspection regime, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has decided to fix different parameters for inspection in various hospitals. It has asked the Trust to respond within a week.

After the Trust did not respond appropriately, the CQC has made some changes in the way inspection would be carried out. The CQC has also commanded East of England Ambulance Service to achieve the care targets.

Norman Lamb, Care Minister said that people have been suffering from negligence by the staff and delayed response of the trust. Andrew Morgan, trust's interim chief executive, has accepted that here have been many instances where the trust has not responded on time.

The CQC inspection report has shed light on the fact that the trust has achieved four parameters out of five. The one that it has failed to achieve is the most significant one.

It has met standards in four out of five categories, but not the one for the care and welfare of people who use its services.

The emergency response delay was seen in 2012. The trust achieved its goals in places such as Luton and Peterborough; it frequently failed to meet them in Norfolk and Suffolk. Now eyes are set on the response that would be provided by the Trust by the end of this week.