Rare Specie Geckoella jeyporensis Found

Geckoella-jeyporensisA rare lizard named as Geckoella jeyporensis, which was last spotted in 1877, has yet again been found by Indian scientists. They were looking for the specie for past three years and they finally spotted one in the Eastern Ghats.

The lizard was found in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, said Ishan Agarwal from Centre for Ecological Sciences (CES). The news of the same has also been published in the scientific journal of Hamadryad. Varad Giri from Bombay Natural History Society said "After properly studying its features and taxonomy, we were thrilled to learn that this is the same gecko which became 'extinct' 135 years ago".

In order to reach at the above given conclusion, researchers from different institutes worked together. Some of the many institutes involved in the study were Bombay Natural History Society, the CES, Villanova University in the US and Indian Institute of Science.

Giri shared that the study for rediscovery started in 2008-09 from Agarwal. He began working on the specie and was quite determined to lost species. It was in 2010 that Agarwal was able to find the species. The team yet again met in 2011 and was able to find the species once more.