US Scientists Find Genetic Mutation to Identify Alzheimer’s

US Scientists Find Genetic Mutation to Identify Alzheimer’sScientists from the US have found another genetic mutation that helps in identification of Alzheimer's disease. It is already known that buildup of proteins called tau proteins cause the disease and recently, researchers have discovered the genetic mutation responsible for the same.

The scientists revealed that tangles of the kind of the tau proteins called phosphorylated tau (ptau) are the marker of the disease. The experts from the UK have said that the study will prove helpful in increasing the risk of the occurrence of the disease.

A team at the Washington University School of Medicine has also identified one of the new gene variants that are linked to occurrence of Alzheimer's to a small extent and are highly linked to decline in cognitive abilities.

"We anticipate that knowledge about role of these genes in Alzheimer's disease may lead to identification of new targets from therapies or new animal or cellular models of the disease", said Dr. Alison Goate, a lead Author of the Study.

After the discovery, another genetic marker has been added to the list of markers which are associated with the development of Alzheimer's disease. The discovery has lead to understanding of how the brain changes when dementia develops. Alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia across the world.