Homeopathy Becomes a Popular Treatment Among People

HomeopathyAccording to the data provided by district homeopathy authorities, homeopathy has emerged as an effective way of treatment. Homeopathy was earlier used to treat kidney stones. Now, it has gained popularity among people to seek treatment for skin, hair, cyst and other ailments as well.

The data revealed that the homeopathic clinics are burgeoning in the city. The numbers have doubled in last five years. The figures showed that there were 450 clinics in 2006 and the numbers have now crossed the 1,000 mark.

The homeopathy experts said that the treatment does not have any term called disease. Instead, it works on suppression of symptoms. The medicines treat the symptoms and have no side effects.

"Homeopathy is safe. Unlike other medicines, homoeopathic remedies usually do not have side effects. The ability to cause structural damage is nil", said Dr. Sehdeo Singh, medical officer in-charge of Rajkiya Homoeopathic Hospital at Ursula Horsman Hospital (UHM).

The homeopathic medicines encourage the immune system mechanism and stimulate the healing power. Sub-physiological quantities are recommended to children and adults alike.

The experts said that homeopathy is the only treatment for a large number of chronic ailments which have been marked as incurable by other schools of medicine.