Agricultural Department Starts Tests for Avian Influenza

Agricultural Department Starts Tests for Avian InfluenzaIn order to stop the multiplication of a newly detected strain of bird flu, the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has started the tests for the same.

The avian influenza virus is naturally present in birds. It is an infectious virus and can make some domesticated birds, including chickens, Ostrich and ducks, ill.

It has the potential of even killing them as well, showing that the disease has lethal traits. The bird virus usually does not affect humans but there have been certain instances that have shown the tendency of the virus infecting humans.

The bird flu strain was first observed on an Ostrich farm near Oudtshoorn, Western Cape on April 2013. Steve Galane, departmental spokesperson has highlighted the fact that the day the team of experts came across the strain, they started conducting laboratory experiments.

Steve mentioned, "We are currently in the process of analysing what has been detected in the Ostrich farm and we are hopeful that the samples of the tests will be released on Friday".

South Africans have been asked to stay calm in this situation as the strain has only been discovered on the Ostrich farm in the Western Cape. There have been no signs of spread in any other region.