Role of FCC Discussed

Role of FCC DiscussedUntil now, nobody has been chosen to lead the chair for the Federal Communications Commission. The decision is still pending from the side of President Obama, but this has led to a room of discussion as what should be the new regulator should be doing.

Former Senior Advisor on technology and innovation for Obama, Phil Weiser, was also of the same view. He affirmed that the time is appropriate to indulge in a discussion that should be done to redefine the role of the FCC regulator.

With passage of time, telecom and Internet broadband market has expanded a lot. The new regulator needs to be having foresightedness in order to handle the market. Weiser said that according to him, the top most priority of the FCC should be consumers and usage of technology.

It has quite vital now to discuss the usage of machine technology. It has been said so as there are a number of sensor networks. Another main job of the FCC as well as of the government is to make sure that appropriate usage of spectrum is done. Weiser said that the FCC should be given freedom so that more number of innovations can take place.