Robot Block Party at National Robotics Week

Robot-Block-PartyThe National Robotics Week Began back on April 6 and will last till April 14 and it includes series of events exhibiting robots of almost every kind. Among the main events was also the Robot Block Party.

The event was held on April 10, 2013 and covered job fair, robotics exhibition and a celebration following it. It attracted more than 2,000 people and involved the participation by 30 exhibitors. It was hosted by the Stanford University.

Included in the event were best of the games and technologies brought in by the cleverest of the minds. It included everything ranging from simple toys to medical technologies with cutting edge science working at their back end.

It was nice platform offered by Stanford to share ideas on human-robot interactions and inspire the young minds to step into robotic development. The event was held at the Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab at the Stanford University on Wednesday between 1 pm and 6 pm.

The event was aimed at making the robots more accessible and giving a new vision to people about how can machines be useful. The Robot Block Party was hosted in collaboration by CIS and Silicon Valley Robotics, with the support of Stanford Robotics Club and event sponsors.