Police in Spain Find Giant Seven-Meter Long Wasps Nest in Abandoned House

Wasps-NestAnother world record is here to mark its happening in Guinness Book of World Records. Police officers in Spain have found a seven meter long nest of wasps in an abandoned house located in San Sebastian de La Gomera on Tenerife Island. The police located this house after they received a series of calls from its neighbours.

For the time being, police has sealed the property. As per the reports, the 22 feet nest has filled almost a full room which is house of millions of wasps. The experts said that the nest must have been built by African species of wasp which migrated themselves from Tenerife.

Police officials said that the neighbourers were calling them again and again as abandoned houses increase the rate of crime as well as decrease the value of properties around it. As per the older records of Guinness Book of World Records, the largest of the wasp nest was discovered in Waimaukau in New Zealand in April 1963, which was of 3.7metres.

Police is said to be trying to find the owner of this property. They also have another work in hand which includes removal of this giant nest from the found abandoned house.