Cipla Comes Out With Biosimilar for Rheumatic Disorders in India

Cipla Comes Out With Biosimilar for Rheumatic Disorders in IndiaRecent news confirmed about the launch of biosimilar by Drug major Cipla. Sold under the name 'Etacept', the drug is meant for the treatment of rheumatic disorders in India. "Formed through a partnership alliance, Etacept is manufactured by a China-based Shanghai CP Guojian Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, which will be marketed by Cipla in India", said the company, in a statement.

It is believed that with the latest development, Cipla has entered the biologic segment, thereby offering the patients of rheumatic disorders a chance of accessing the treatment at a lower cost. Cipla Medical Director Jaideep Gogtay, in response to the news, said that they are expecting the drug to reach out to more and more people in India in the times to come.

About rheumatic disorders, it has been said that they are chronic inflammatory disorders which affect the joints and trigger pain, redness, swelling and loss of function in several joints. It can also cause joint damage and deformities.

It has been said that Biologics like Etanercept do have a key role to play in putting a check on the disease and subsequently, it can make a significant difference in the lives of these patients. The drug is reported to be available across the country at Rs 6,150 and for adults, it's advised to take 25 mg twice weekly by subcutaneous (under the skin) injection.