High Pollen Count This Summer May Lead to Highest Hay Fever Cases in 50 Years

Hay-Fever-CasesExperts have warned that due to a late spring and early summer, the pollen count will be the highest in 50 years. These soaring pollen counts are likely to cause severe hay fever that could affect million of Britons.

Professor Roy Kennedy, one of Britain's leading hay fever experts, said the period till June would cross the highest levels of pollen in last five decades. He added that Scotland will have the highest levels of pollen counts, even more than highest levels expected in England.

Usually, peak pollen levels occur late in summer. According to experts, cold march resulted to delay the start of the pollen season by a month. Experts have asked Scotland's 1.3 million hay fever sufferers to take precautions for sneezing and itchy eyes.

The NHS has asked sufferers to use wraparound sunglasses. Also, change clothes and shower after being outdoors. Allergy sufferers are often advised to stay indoors during the period of high pollen counts.

The Met Office has advised the sufferers to check pollen counts before going out. Professor Kennedy, based at the University of Worcester, said, "The cold spring meant a late start for pollen, with pollen burst now in a condensed period - and the phenomenon of several pollens likely to peak at the same time"