Tony Abbott to Block Access to Controversial Abortion Drug Ru486

Ru486Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has "form" in trying to not allow access to the controversial abortion drug RU486 and needs to rule out restricting it if he wins the government, demanded by the Australian Greens.

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee is likely to recommend RU486 to be made available on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. The scheme could lead to drop the price by hundreds of dollars.

Mr. Abbott said he would consider the advice of health experts on drugs such as RU486. He blocked the access to the abortion pill during the period he was the health minister in the Howards Government.

His refusal for RU486 eventually led to a 2006, conscience vote in the parliament. This stripped the health minister of regulatory control of the drug.

He told reporters in Adelaide on Friday that he accepted the advice of the technical advisors when he was in the government.

Greens health spokesman Richard Di Natale said, "Tony Abbott has got form in this area - he was a huge stumbling block to reform in the past'. He added that he hopes that it is just not a comment in the lead-up to an election that he tries to undo if he forms the next government.