Passive Smoking Lifts Risk of Hearing Damage

SmokingAccording to experts, passive smoking is linked to impaired hearing. The findings of the study were published in the journal Tobacco Control. The researchers tested the blood samples for cotinine in nearly 3,000 non-smoking adults. Cotinine is a by-product of nicotine and is produced in the body when it comes in contact with tobacco smoke.

The scientists discovered that cotinine in their body was likely to have them suffer impaired hearing. The risk was lifted by a third in total attributable to passive smoking. Experts explained that smoking disrupts blood flow in the small vessels of the ear. The disrupted blood flow leads the organ to have a build-up of toxic waste because of lack of oxygen.

Previous studies have linked passive smoking with the long-term effects of active smoking, like lung cancer and heart conditions. Doctors suggest that children are the most vulnerable to passive smoking.

Another study went even further and revealed that third hand smoke, which remains on furniture and curtains long after smokers have left the room, threatens the young people.

Campaigners have demanded to ban smoking inside cars in order to protect children's health. According to the health experts, more than 5,000 children have begun smoking in Sussex last year.