Federal Authorities Take Action against Rawson-Neal

HospitalA Las Vegas hospital named Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital had been cited for patient `dumping'. It has been uncovered lately that a disciplinary action has been taken against the same by federal authorities.

The hospital had improperly sent newly discharged psychiatric patients to neighbouring California by bus. Also, patients were sent to other states in a "patient dumping"-named practice.

It has been found that the hospice was warned that it was violating Medicare rules that governed the discharge of patients. Warnings were also issued that critical funding could be lost by the infirmary under the federal healthcare insurance program, in case it did not correct the problem.

It was Friday when the notice from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services had come in a letter to the Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services agency. The center runs under the U. S. Health and Human Services Department.

The hospital was given time till May 6 to furnish a plan to tackle the problem or was warned to face action of termination of its Medicare provider agreement.

"We are 100 percent confident that we will get the plan of corrections implemented and there will be no loss of federal funds", Nevada's top state health officer, Dr. Tracey Green, said.