Worcestershire Diabetes Checks Far below the National Average

DiabetesAs per reports, number of diabetic people from Worcestershire getting annual checks is far below the national average of the UK. It emerged that only 40% of them are having the recommended checks while the national average is 54%.

National Audit figures revealed that 51% of the people from West Midland are going for the check. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has recommended nine checks annually for diabetics and these form basis of Diabetes UK's 15 healthcare essentials.

According to the Diabetes UK, 15 healthcare essentials are necessary for everyone to receive. Covered under these are measurement of blood pressure and cholesterol, which help the people with the condition to avoid serious complications linked with it.

The charity has launched an awareness campaign today to help the people receive the recommended number of checks each year. It was learnt that a total of 27,772 people from Worcestershire suffer from diabetes of which about 8,000 remain undiagnosed.

"We want to make sure people are aware of care they should be getting and the adverts in surgeries, pharmacies, hospital and dental practices will help raise awareness of this", avowed Pete Shorrick, the Midlands Regional Manager of Diabetes UK.