Half of Terminally Ill Cancer Patients Choose to Die in Hospital: Study

Cancer-PatientsAccording to a new study, almost half the people with terminal cancer die in hospital. Most patients do not want to spend their final days in a hospital.

Canadian Institute for Health Information study revealed that around 45% of cancer patients died in hospital during 2011-2012. The rates, however, varied among provinces.

Manitoba and New Brunswick had about two-third of cancer deaths occurred in hospital in comparison to about two in five in Ontario and British Columbia.

CIHI said that the availability of palliative beds could have contributed to the differences in rates of in-hospital deaths.

Kathleen Morris, director of Health System Analysis and Emerging Issues at CIHI, said, "Surveys have shown that most people - cancer patients included - do not want to die in a hospital. However, almost half of Canadian cancer patients are dying there".

The report also revealed that more than 80% of patients had registered palliative care diagnosis in their last hospital admission. Also, it suggested that for more than half of all patients in the study, palliative care was the main reason for hospitalization.

The findings were revealed by the report, End-of-life Hospital Care for Cancer Patients. The study did not involve deaths occurred in Quebec.