Kula Farmer Transferring Feral Colony to Bee Box

Bee-BoxHoneybees are the alchemists of nature. Flower juice is converted into honey by them and many other products desired by humans are also formed by them.

While the absence of the bees may result in disappearance of many vegetables and fruits and nuts, industrial farming methods across the nation have put the feral and managed bee colonies at risk of being collapsed.

Therefore, Mark Damon, Kula farmer and beekeeper, has been carrying out an open heart surgery, which involves transfer of a feral colony from wooden dresser drawers to a bee box or a hive that is manmade. The farmer remains in long sleeves rolled to elbow with work pants while he conducts the work.

Mark is of the view that honey bees are wild animals in actual. As per the findings, he is into cultivation of a wild consciousness of bees since he was 19 in age. His wife also has grown up with bee boxes out of her bedroom window. The report finds that Maui Bees are together operated by the couple. They look after 100-plus hives and sell honey at their organic farm in Upcountry Maui.

"Wild animals don't look to you for sustenance. They make decisions based on natural laws. You have to get into this strange, wild consciousness to work with them", said Mark.