Pet Obesity Concerns Experts

Pet-Obesity.Experts in Britain have warned lately that the owners of obese pets in the region might be cutting their lives by at least two years.

It is being suspected that the problem of pet obesity is about to reach crisis point. Almost 50% of the pets visiting the vets have been found to be overweight.

The latest survey was carried out by the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA). The researchers said that nearly 92% of all owners involved in the survey, who had overweight pets, did not find the pet's obesity as a lethal problem.

It has been told that some 20% of owners did not realize that it was an issue. Rather, they considered their pet animals as healthy. Concerned by the findings, the PFMA has been encouraging pet owners to take action and take part in the "Weigh in Wednesday" campaign.

The campaign to start this week is to go all across the nation. The aim of the same is to boost pet owners to keep their pets healthy and not overweight. Food manufacturers, animal charities, welfare groups and groomers would all be the campaign's part.

"Obesity has been linked to health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, whilst it's inflammatory effect is known to worsen problems like arthritis", said Telly vet Zara Boland.