Having Same Meal Everyday Can Encourage Eating Disorders: Study

Eating-DisordersAs per a new study done by scientists of University of Buffalo and Vermont, women who take same meal everyday for a week have undertaken 100 calories lesser in the period of 24 hours. But the experts of study which got published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, suggest that the by taking such a rigid diet can pull down the person to the path of eating disorders.

Author of Supercharged Foods Lee Holmes said that she has seen the rise of orthorexia sufferers in the recent years in which people become obsessed with healthy eating. The author was quoted as saying, "You shouldn't ignore your food cravings, although I'm obviously not suggesting you eat sugary, processed foods every time you get the urge. To eat for optimum health it is important to go with your gut instinct and listen to what your body needs".

As per few traditional beliefs, one can suffer with the problem of food intolerances if he over-consumes a single food type, though no evidence have been proved yet on this statement. James Duigan, creator of the Clean and Lean diet, is of the view that everyone should have two or three sensible meals for which nobody needs to be a master-chef but can mix few new ingredients for the sake of your own body.