Snap'N'Dose App to Calculate Correct Amount of Medicine Dose for Kids

MedicineAfter a number of cases that reported children being administered either too much or too little of the prescribed drug, technical minds have come up with a smart solution to the same.

It is seen that most of the parents visit doctors with their children suffering from fever. Usually a liquid medicine is prescribed in milligrams for the same but is available in market in milliliters packaging. Therefore, there are certain incidents when the medicine given to kids is either too less or too much in comparison to the prescription.

For instance, a child was asked to be administered 10 milligrams of medicine by a doctor. But the parents gave him 10 milliliters of the same confused by the numbers. The child suffered toxicity but survived.

To prevent such incidents, a smartphone app named Snap'N'Dose has been developed by the University of Toronto. Dr. Niraj Mistry along with the excellent programmers Pooja Viswanathan and David Xue, who both work in the Intelligent Assistive Systems Technology lab at Toronto Rehab Institute, has designed the app that calculates the amount of dose of the medicine to be given to child.

The input it requires is child's age and weight and a snap of the drug identification number, or DIN, found on the packaging of all prescription and over-the-counter medications sold in Canada.