Ban won’t Help in Maintaining Declining Population, says Conservationists

Bee-populationConservationists have cautioned that the government may have placed a blanket ban on a few pesticides but this won't provide immediate results. Bee population will not meet a jump as still a number of problems have to be tackled in order to prevent its deterioration.

This comment was preceded by the European Commission. It made an announcement that there would be ban oncertain pesticides known as "neonicotinoids" which have been associated with the plunge in bee numbers. This decision was supported by 15 out of the 27 EU states.

In a report by the University of Reading, it has been explained by the researchers that intensive farming and urban development are other causes responsible for decline in bee population in UK.

However, some claims by experts at Shropshire's Harper Adams University show that farmers may have to suffer because of this decision. This may have serious implications on the productivity. This move has been termed as a tough situation for the farmers in dealing effectively with pests, some of which are becoming resistant to other pesticides.

Conservationists have pointed out that the ban has no scientific backing and it will make things harder for the farmers. A report has been prepared that has asked the government to take steps that support wildlife-friendly farming.