Catch the Sight of Live Solar Eclipse

Live-Solar-EclipseThe Sky-watchers turned to the social networking website Twitter for sharing their experiences of capturing the sight of the solar eclipse. The eclipse was visible from Australia and parts of the Pacific.

One of the tweets by a user @xoxoalbertxoxo said that rather than studying for his AP; he is just going to observe the #SolarEclipse at the night. Another tweet from @Pandabattlemode said that something amazing is going to happen, but one should not look at it ever.

Other people detected eclipse covered from their vantage point. Concerning this, @KarlAlocada tweeted that it appeared like there was no #SolarEclipse as the sun was being blocked by the cloud formation.

Sources suggested that the "ring of fire" will darken skies on the upcoming Thursday as the black silhouette of the moon sighted to glide across the face of the sun until only a fragment of sunlight is visible.

However, the celestial mechanism will be appearing in mostly the areas in the Pacific. It will also act as a feast for the comfy chair astronomers. The credit for the same goes to Coca Cola Space Science Center.

The Georgia-based center will be webcasting the annular eclipse through a telescope from Cape York, Australia. It will be initiating on May 9 at 5 p. m. ET (21:00 UT).