Facebook registers record number of surfers in UAE

Facebook-LogoThe social networking website-Facebook, has been slowly becoming very popular in the UAE with around half of the UAE's internet users maintaining account with the site. Facebook offers more pages to UAE viewers as compared to Saudi Arabia, which has around 300,000 more members.

Mark Cowan, Facebook's regional manager for emerging markets expressed, "In Saudi Arabia we are at about 25 per cent penetration, and users have an average of about 60 friends on the site, so their propensity to use it regularly is not as high."

The social networking website, having more than 1.7 million members in UAE, is slowly becoming popular in the Arab World by enhancing its consumer base and beating its rivals. Facebook can boast of having about 22 per cent of internet users, who are regular visitors, across the World.

Speaking on the sidelines of an event to mark Facebook's new partnership with Connect Ads in Dubai Trevor Johnson, Facebook's head of strategy and planning for the EMEA region told, "Across the MENA region, we have ten million active users from a total of 400 million subscribers worldwide."