Marijuana Poses Reduced Risk of Bladder Cancer than Cigarettes

Marijuana Poses Reduced Risk of Bladder Cancer than Cigarettes For a long time now, debate is going on that marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes. Recently, a research has been carried out, which has strengthened the reasons that smoking pot should be made available for medical reasons.

As per a research carried out by a group of researchers from University of California, it has been revealed that smoking pot causes reduced for bladder cancer in comparison to cigarettes.

In order to carry out the research, the study researchers assessed the risk of development of bladder cancer in more than 83,000 people. Men who were enrolled in the study were the ones, who used to smoke either only cigarettes, marijuana only or the both substances.

After assessing men, it was found that those who were into smoking marijuana only were at reduced risk of suffering from bladder cancer.

"Cannabis use only was associated with a 45% reduction in bladder cancer incidence, and tobacco use only was associated with a 52% increase in bladder cancer", said Dr Anil A. Thomas, study author, from Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Los Angeles. It has been found that smoking marijuana as well as tobacco increased the risk of bladder cancer, but the risk was less than from the one posed by tobacco smoking.