Stem Cells May Cure Arthritis

Stem Cells May Cure ArthritisStem cells that are extracted from a few grams of body fat act as a satisfying factor against the crippling impacts of osteoarthritis.

The replacement for knee, hip or other joints has been considered as typical treatment for the deterioration of joint cartilage for more than past two decades. However, artificial joints last only up to 15 years and are repaired with major difficulties once they fall.

The researcher, Dr. Farshid Guilak, said stem cell injections may provide a new kind of therapy by either terminating the degenerative process or by regenerating the damaged cartilage. The researcher is a professor of orthopedic surgery and director of orthopedic research at Duke University.

He is counted among the first researchers who grew cartilage from fat. He explained the reason of stem cells emerging a brighter light in osteoarthritis research.

Though stem cell therapies promises treatment at a major level, it is yet not proved that the kind of treatment is useful to be applied on human beings.

The research also determined that the stem cells can also be utilized as useful way of delivering the therapeutic proteins for pain relief associated with rheumatoid arthritis. The research got published in the Stem Cells Translational Medicine.