Local officials urge people to mail back census forms

censusLocal leaders are urging people in their constituencies to mail back the census forms with the U. S. Census scheduled to begin from March 1. they also feel that forms were needed to be more accurate while counting population.

According to Census Bureau officials every household in the United States will receive a questionnaire, which is supposed to be returned by Census Day, April 1.

In case some households are not able to send back the forms then they will be visited by census workers who will interview residents to get the questions answered. The completed 2010 Census is to be delivered to the president by December 31.

Mayor Betty Matthies said, “One of the reasons to have an accurate count is because our representation in government is based on population. I hope that people will be compliant and mail back their forms.”

The aim of the Census is to verify each state’s allocation of members in the U. S. House of Representatives, and this Census will give four additional members to Texas.

The census is expected to impact the next presidential election due to the makeup of the Electoral College being linked to representation in the House.

Matthies said another reason to encourage people to mail back was that it would initiate economic opportunities.