Costly Sunscreen can be of Less SPF Value, reveals Consumer Reports

Costly Sunscreen can be of Less SPF Value, reveals Consumer ReportsWith rise in temperature, Consumer Reports would like to bring certain things under your notice.  One of the important things to know is that all sunscreens available in the market do not offer same protection.

In order to reach at the above given result, authorities concerned have assessed 12 sunscreens.  They have done the assessment for July 2013 issue.  But while assessing them, they have found that some of the sunscreens were not meeting the SPF requirement mentioned in the guideline.

It was found that certain sunscreens, which were quite high in prices, were the ones, which were offering the least protection value.  Therefore, it is very important point to know that buying costly sunscreen does not mean that you will get increased SPF value. "Some of the priciest sunscreens Consumer Reports tested offered less than their labeled SPF value", said the authorities concerned.

Experts were of the view that the report is expected to publicized at the time when majority of the sunscreen companies have changed labels as per the novel guidelines issued by Food and Drug Administration.

As per the changed guidelines, those sunscreens, which are able to provide protection from both ultraviolet rays like A and B should be having label of broad spectrum.  On the other hand, the sunscreens, which provide protection for any one of them, should put a waning on the bottle.