Radiation leak at Japanese lab affects 55 people

An accidental leak of nuclear radiations at a research lab in northern Japan is expected to have affected as many as 55 people, including four researchers.

The accidental leak of hazardous radiation took place at a lab in Tokaimura, which is situated nearly 120 kilometers northeast of Tokyo, on the past Thursday.

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) also revealed that the leak took place when the researchers were conducting an experiment to produce particles by firing a proton beam at gold.

The JAEA, however, also assured that the radiation leak was not widespread and that no one was hospitalized and no impact was expected outside the lab.

The four researchers who were exposed to radiation were diagnosed later with the highest radiation dose of 2 millisieverts. It may be noted here that nuclear workers are typically limited to 100 millisieverts of exposure to radiation over a period of five years.

According to the International Commission of Radiological Protection, exposure to less than 100 millisieverts per year poses no noteworthy increase in cancer risk.