Researchers Finally Got Answer to Why El Nino Always Peak Around Christmas

Researchers Finally Got Answer to Why El Nino Always Peak Around ChristmasScientists are claiming to have finally resolved the issue that says EI Nino always peak around Christmas.

It is after the research of decades that scientists are now successful in giving the answer to the question: why El Nino always peak around Christmas and end quickly by February to April.

For the knowledge of all, El Nino-Southern Oscillation is a warm ocean water temperature band, which has been noticed in many last decades to be occasionally developing off the western coast of South America and causing climatic changes across the Pacific Ocean.

In their recent statements, scientists from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa Meteorology Department and International Pacific Research Center have claimed that they have finally found an answer to this mystery of EI Nino.

They explain it to be unique wind pattern that affects both the sides of the equatorial Pacific during strong El Nino events.

Lead author of the study Mr. Malte Stuecker adds to his explanations that upon shifting south, the anomalous trade winds terminate El Nino by generating eastward propagating equatorial Kelvin waves. This termination eventually resumes upwelling of cold water in the eastern equatorial Pacific.

This wind shift forms a part of the unusual atmospheric pattern, which accompanies El Nino events. Thus, a high-pressure system hovers over the Philippines and a major rain band of the South Pacific rapidly shifts to both the sides of the equator.