European Drug Report 2013 Uncover the Drug Scenario of Europe

European Drug Report 2013 Uncover the Drug Scenario of Europe The drug situation at the country of Europe has been connected by the launch of new EMCDDA report.

The report presented some of the points that initiate links between the previously existing reports. The launch of the report had also helped up till a major extent in reshaping the information into a more timely and interactive package.

The European Union's drug agency stated that the increasing menace of unemployment in the youth in some of the major countries along with the major slashes over the total health expenditures granted by the government reverting back the efforts applied to reduce the menace into more severe impacts.

The reports suggested that the record level of treatments availed and a major shortfall in the consumption of new heroin and cocaine are categorized under the positivity in the drug scenario of the continent.

However, the reports issued severe warnings that the people that fail to get a job are more prone of getting involved into the deadly habit of consuming drugs. However, the slashes that were carried out by the government on the health funds were the part of the austerity policies that could act as a major hindrance to progress in containing drug-related problems.

The yearly published European Drug Report was published on Tuesday.