North Carolina Couple to Give Birth in Company of Dolphins

North Carolina Couple to Give Birth in Company of DolphinsIn a shocking revelation, it has been revealed that a couple from North Carolina has especially travelled to Hawaii to give birth under water in the presence of dolphins.

The decision of the couple, Adam Barrington, 29, and his expecting wife Heather, 27, has been severely criticized by experts, who have termed the plan as extremely dangerous.

On the other hand, Heather feels that when she will give birth to her child in the company of dolphins then she will get that needed strength and will be at comfort. Such is not the thinking of experts, who were of the view that dolphins are quite unpredictable and can even attack her.

Experts said dolphins kill baby sharks for no reason or just because they belong to rival males. Not only this, experts have affirmed that dolphins can behave quite wildly with humans.

Marine Biologist Lori Marino said, "There remains no compelling evidence that [dolphin-assisted therapy] is a legitimate therapy or that it affords any more than fleeting improvements in mood".

Heather said there is a possibility that she might not give birth to her baby in water when dolphin is present. But there are probable chances she might stay for a long time in water before and after giving birth.