Fantastic Pink Slugs Only at the Peak of Mount Kaputar

Pink-SlugsThe pink slug, Triboniophorus aff. Graeffei, belong to Mount Kaputar when this region was a damp rainforest, according to scientists. Kaputar is a mountaintop in New South Wales, Australia.

An unusual ecosystem was preserved by Mount Kaputar, when it erupted 17 million years ago. "A series of volcanos and millions of years of erosion have carved a dramatic landscape at Mount Kaputar National Park, creating a fascinating world with some very colorful locals", wrote the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service on its Facebook page.

Park ranger Michael Murphy revealed something special about the peak of the Mount Kaputar, in New South Wales, Australia. It is at 4,948 feet and has a secret world up there. Giant fluorescent pink slugs live alongside cannibal snails up there. The slug can grow as big as eight inches.

The snail hunts other snails through their clime tracks. The interesting fact is that these snails are found nowhere else in the world apart from this place.

Mr. Murphy said that it is an amazing place up there, especially when you are there on a cool and misty morning. It is the only area that can provide a view with hundreds of them. Michael Murphy was one of the first to grab a close look of this remarkable creature.