18 m Trawler went Aground, Call for Cutting down Ship Movement

australiaA mishap occurred near the Lady Elliott Island on the southern Great Barrier Reef in which an 18 m trawler went aground.

It is being stated that the incident took place at near about 3:30 am in the morning. Investigations have assured that nobody had suffered any loss of health in this accident. Measures will be carried out to refloat the boat.

Felicity Wishart, a spokesman from the Australian Marine Conservation Society, stated that staff members from Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services have been sent at the incident site for assistance.

She stated that they don't have the access of any of the details of the incident. However, the mishap highlights the point that there is an urgent need of improving the development of the port and the shipping activities in the reef.

She suggested that sighting around 7000 shipping movements through the Reef annually. She also concluded that the greater will be the size of the ship, the larger will be the damage. The incident that occurred should be taken as a warning that if the authorities permit a larger number of ships than the current then that will be an invitation for more accidents and severe damages.

She said that the incident extracts the fact that it is a tougher place to navigate and the rough weather turns it tougher.