European Parliament Introduces a New Law on Infant Foods

Infant-FoodsThe European Parliament has introduced new restrictions on the labeling, content and marketing of baby milk and food. The legislation will enable the parents to better understand the difference between foods for normal consumption and foods for specific groups.

The European parliament said that the new legislation will simplify and clarify the rules on the labeling and the composition of infant formula. Also, it will include an exclusive list of essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals that can be added to baby foods.

The new rules have restricted the labeling and advertising of infant formula and the labeling of follow-on formula from showing pictures of infants, or other pictures or written messages that may discourage breastfeeding. Only graphic presentations are allowed to make baby food easy to identify for formula with methods shown how to prepare them.

The voting for the marketing of baby foods and formulas was done by the European Parliament through new regulations in all EU member states on Tuesday. The new law has banned idealizing images and texts on labels to follow-on formulas.

"Infants, young children and seriously ill people are clearly not consumers like any others and it is our duty as legislator to fix stricter rules to govern, for example, the composition and labeling of foodstuffs intended for them", Frederique Ries, a Belgian member of the ALDE group.