Adding Silver in Antibiotics Enhances their Ability to Fight against Deadly Infections

AntibioticsPotent antibiotics have been losing their effectiveness because of the rise of deadly drug-resistant bacteria in the U. S. The antibiotics have been reported by the experts to have become powerless against dangerous infections.

However, a new study has come with findings that could be referred as the savior of antibiotics. The study has suggested that adding an extra ingredient could be highly effective to boost antibiotics.

The study was conducted by the Boston University. The researchers found that adding silver to antibiotics enhanced effectiveness of the drugs to fight against the deadly infections in mice. Moreover, the silver component also developed an antibiotic-restraint strain of bacteria more sensitive to antibiotics once again.

Silver is known to be an antimicrobial agent and for years, it has been used in wound dressings and bandages to restrict the growth of infectious microorganisms.

Jim Collins, the William F. Warren Distinguished Professor at Boston University and a faculty member at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, was the lead author of the study.

He said, "We found that silver was affecting the membrane of gram-negative bacteria, such as E. coli, making their membranes more permeable".

Collins added that iron homeostasis is also disrupted by the silver as it interacts with the central metabolism.