Climate Change Blamed for Catastrophe in Uttarakhand

UttarakhandAccording to Shailesh Nayak, the earth sciences Secretary, the tragic rainfall in state of Uttrakhand is result of the climate change. Catastrophic event has caused the dramatic damage to life and property in the state.

Though the apparent evidence of climate change being a reason behind the catastrophe is not found yet but Nayak said that most likely it is the reason. In an interaction with the Times of India, he said that the cloudburst led to heavy flash floods in the state.

He averred that the event appears to be triggered by climate changes as occurrence of extreme rainfall has been observed on June 17. The debate over the same is going on as many experts are denying the climate change as a reason in wake of some strong evidence missing for the same.

Nayak asserted that the 19 inches rainfall was recorded at Mahabaleshwar near Mumbai at the same time as rains in Uttrakhand. However, he pointed, "We are definitely seeing a decrease in low and moderate events and although we are still scanning the evidence, climate change cannot be ruled out as a cause".

The events of exceptionally high rainfall and similar drastic weather conditions are emerging as new challenges. Something has to be done at the earliest to prevent the disasters from occurring in future.